Living Dreams

Life’s not what it seems,
We forget what hides
Beneath the surface:

The world that floats atop of Dreams
And the things we paint inside our heads
With colors unexpressed.

And the colors
Shine but it’s not all we see,
Strokes of love and fear,
Joy and sorrows.

And the sorrows,
Becomes the lies that light up the dark
And it’s all we begin to see until everything’s
A mess and it becomes a reason to dream.

And the Dream
That crystalized in our teens
Upon the thin layer of our eyes
Like an empty piece of glass
Stops us from seeing the rest.

Life’s not what it seems,
Let me dream,
Let me dream.

Letters To The Sky

Dear Mia,

There is this game that I play, “The Last of Us,” that had a trailer released recently. In the end, Joel lies to Ellie, and I would like to protect you and I would hope that you wouldn’t be made because I would be doing it for you. Now I don’t know If I have the right to but I would do it because I think it is best.

Now this era has become the advent of gaming and I used to be a pro gamer; however, at this moment I do not play pro any more, but I still play because of the experiences and the story, it is like an interactive book, and just like a book, the story can encapsulate a lot of things. Hopefully, I could share a lot of these stories and the stories of my life with you; I want to read my favorite books and poems with you and play some games and show you my love.



Your Father

P.S. The Last of Us Part II



Hug – by St. Peter


As if you could hold the Earth together

And mend my wounds forever.

Hold so tightly to stop the world from sundering

And end the clouds vehemently thundering


Frame my glass will with the molten

Burning between our body of love,

And hang your head upon my shoulder

So I can hold you until we grow older,

And I’ll burn our fire when you’re colder.