Living Dreams

Life’s not what it seems,
We forget what hides
Beneath the surface:

The world that floats atop of Dreams
And the things we paint inside our heads
With colors unexpressed.

And the colors
Shine but it’s not all we see,
Strokes of love and fear,
Joy and sorrows.

And the sorrows,
Becomes the lies that light up the dark
And it’s all we begin to see until everything’s
A mess and it becomes a reason to dream.

And the Dream
That crystalized in our teens
Upon the thin layer of our eyes
Like an empty piece of glass
Stops us from seeing the rest.

Life’s not what it seems,
Let me dream,
Let me dream.



By St. Peter

Flesh and muscle will catch fire

And the water that drowns the

My heart will boil into

sweat that steams off my body

seeping through the cracks

Howling a shattering cry.


My aching bones will snap

And crack under the

Crushing pressure

Until my body wants

To surrender.


And when the demons

come to take me

I will fight until I am broken

And press on until

The fires ignite me fade

Into whispering ashes.

Letters To The Sky

Dear Mia,

Just smile, life is so short, do what makes you happy. Follow your passions and do right by the world, the people and, most importantly, yourself. Don’t stress over the little things, its okay to make mistakes and in the long run as long they will fade away just like everything else so fill your moments with happiness. IF you are happy then I am happy.


Your Father

Letters To The Sky

Dear Mia,

I need you to know that you were made from love; although, your mom and I are no longer together, I love her dearly and despite everything we have been through, I do not hold any ill feelings towards her. IT was an amazing time when you were conceived, I was a poor college student, as I am today, and summer is very difficult because I cannot do so much to treat your mom, as she gets the summers off because she is a professor. But she made plans for this wonderful vacation, absolutely wonderful, and she budgeted it really well. Now we were doing really well, as we have very significant ups and downs. It was like a really intense sine graph. Well, anyways, we experienced so many things and we had such an amazing time together. She showed me her college town and I took her to my favorite restaurant’s.   We hopped from one amusement park to another. God, it was like a movie; it was ethereal and surreal. It was during that week when we conceived you. I love the both you so much, and I hope your not disappointed that we couldn’t make it work.



Your Father

Quote Of The Day

Don’t pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one. – Bruce Lee

This quote always inspired me to do better, to have the strength to endure and thrive in difficult situations. It makes me not ask for mercy, but to challenge the world, and possibly change it. I hope this quote inspires you guys as well. Any thoughts?

God Of Glass

God of Glass

By St. Peter

I miss you, I

wanted to see your face,

Look into your eyes and

Hope to see you


I wanted to whisper

So that you could hear

My dreams, my voice,

And I could tell you



I am all alone,

No one is here

But the white glass

That stares back at me.


As I stare into your eyes

I wish you could see

Me dream a vision

That never left my mind.


I am all alone,

But the white glass

Shone me you


If I could reach you

Through this glass

and share a touch

But I know what’s true

And it is not you


As I stare all alone,

Into this glass screen.