Letters To The Sky

Dear Mia,

I am not a perfect person; I know I am a fool. And sometimes I want to go to a place that I could imagine a home to be, I just want a reprieve from all of this pain and suffering I am enduring, a small chance to make it into life and to bring you with me. But I know that will never be the case, so I am fighting with such voracity, until I am broken. But even when I feel broken and shattered and I cannot handle the pain, I wince and move on and endure until something is done and I can push through this bullshit.

I am not going to stop, even if the gods smite me, and in the end hopefully everything will mean something.



Your Father

Quote Of The Day

Don’t pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one. – Bruce Lee

This quote always inspired me to do better, to have the strength to endure and thrive in difficult situations. It makes me not ask for mercy, but to challenge the world, and possibly change it. I hope this quote inspires you guys as well. Any thoughts?