Letters To The Sky

I saw the movie La La Land and I was surprised to see that she happened to have the same name as you. It was cute and made me think of putting you in acting and singing classes.

More importantly, it insisted some feelings, complex ones, that I didn’t really understand, and I wanted to say something to my girlfriend who was tired from work, but each time I went to speak, I couldn’t really find the right words to say. Both tired, I walked her to her front door some time around midnight, and I hugged her so tightly, as if I was going into battle and may never see her again (Today was my last weekend before school starts again). Not only that but we were talking about things that made me feel faltered and insecure. sometimes I get the feeling like we may not last and we will just end up being friends.

Life is just complex and sometimes you’ll lose someone you love without losing the hopes and the dreams and the aspirations and, most importantly, the love that came with them. 


Your Father

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