Letters To The Sky

Dear Mia,

There is so much to do in life, and I find myself overwhelmed with passion for many things that I lose focus over the things that will get me to my goals. I am obsessed with money, I must confess, which is why I am getting one of my degrees in economics. The most important part of economics is not money, although it is a strong measure of time and value. I am truly obsessed with two things: one, how to maximize my happiness, utility and dollar, second, how people act in the world. Now economics always assumes people act rational; however, there are other doctrines that assume otherwise, in fact Hitler’s autobiography assumes otherwise and he uses propaganda in a powerful and horrific way. But I am tell you this because I am looking for the key to spend the most time with you and to be happy, and I hope you do the same in your life. My current girlfriend tells me to follow my passions, follow who I am and then everything else will come.



Your Father

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