What do you do when something you support does something you don’t approve of?

I would consider myself a patriotic man, despite being heavily democratic. I believe that in this coming of age, the power of knowledge is extremely prevolent. It is so easy to access information, it may not always be true and my need fact checking but in general there is a solid foundation of information to the world because of the internet. I love this country, and would do most anything to support it, other than give up my family. Myself-yes; my family-no.

But what happens when the country you live in begins to do something I disagree with? Naturally I would stop purchasing from that country or state. In this case, it is California, California is doing something wrong, farmers there are using oil wastewater to irrigate their crops. Now California produces a huge amount of food for the country and the world, and contaminating our crops to chemicals from the wastewater is going to cost a huge amount in damage to lives. The consumption of gas has a high cost and we are begining to truly face it.

I may not see many people who develop cancer as a result. It basically feels like they are saying our lives do not matter, and it is very much so a situation in which the many upholds the few, or literally people climbing a mound of bodies to reach a pot of gold.

What should be done? What can be done? What would you do?

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