Letters To The Sky

Dear Mia,

IF you ever feel like you are nothing, IF you every feel down and cannot escape, IF you every feel lost or trapped, or angry, or jealous or anything that is not yourself, I need you to know that you are you and that is the most important piece of knowledge I can give you. Stay true to yourself, follow your passion and do not ever stop because once you do you will be unhappy and the only thing we have in this life is time, love, and happiness. Make the most of your time because it cannot be replaced. Love relentlessly because our connections with people is a part of the human condition, we need to experience other people we need to expose ourselves to pain, to happiness, and it is okay. It is okay to cry if your boyfriend breaks up with you, or to cry if you break up with him, it is okay. But it is our connections that make us up. Remember we are a small portion of everyone we meet so surround yourself with greatness. And stay happy.

Know, baby girl, that you are powerful beyond measure, and that there is nothing, no piece of machinery, no computer, no corporation, nothing that is as enduring and as powerful as the human will so fight, baby girl, fight all of the people who oppress you, fight to define yourself, and reach ceaselessly for your dreams and do not stop until you have achieved them.



Your Father

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