I am a statue of ash, held together by nothing, not even the sinew of my nerves and body. And there I stand, to be blown away by a gentle gust of wind.

Sometimes I feel like I am losing myself within the chaos of the world. Sometimes I try to fight with order and sometimes I try to relax and get absorbed into the chaos. It is a common idea: order versus chaos, Freedom versus Determinism/Pre-destination. But personally, I believe that life is a combination of freedom and determinism. We are trapped in the chaos and the random or not so random events of life, and the subtle things we have control over can change a life. We as human beings have to pursue ceaselessly the things we are passionate about. We have to pursue our freedoms and beliefs as long as it does not hurt or damage other. I don’t know how to live if we have these small lapses from being a mechanism based on the necessities of survival and cannot pursue the things that give us meaning and make us happy in these small moments of life. We are hardly free because no matter what we are confined to the rules of life, the basic needs to survive, and in addition to that we must abide by the rules of our society.

SO every chance we get we should maximize our happiness.

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